Sebastian Gorka and Eric Trump claim Pulitzer Prize winning journalist David Farenthold asked Trump Org employees to “break the law”

Eric Trump: “Giving away confidential things, it's illegal in its own right ... there's a lot of scumbags in the media”

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Citation From the September 17 edition of Salem Radio Networks' America First with Sebastian Gorka:

SEBASTIAN GORKA (HOST): Yeah, the first person to really call them out, and that's why he's right when he says "The fake news are the enemy of the people."

I have to ask, your brave move when you published this disgusting email from The Washington Post, from David Fahrenthold, what was the consequence of that? 

Do you now have employees who feel in a state of siege? That there are journalists who are waiting for that little tidbit, that little -- somebody's got an axe to grind, you can get in touch -- he says in his email, "This is how you get in touch with me, through encrypted channels."

These are -- these are subversive elements who want to sabotage successful American businesses because they have the name "Trump" on them. 

ERIC TRUMP: Sure. No, but -- I mean, it's insane. Which -- by the way, giving away, you know, proprietary things, giving away confidential things, it's illegal in its own right. So, I mean, in effect they're almost asking them in certain ways to break -- 

GORKA: Break the law --

TRUMP: -- contracts that they have, and then break the law. The really good thing about us, Sebastian, is the people in our company absolutely love our company. They've been with us forever and we have an amazing company, and we have amazing people, and these people come to work every day, and they love what they do, and they love us and we love them, and they're family to us and we're family to them. 

And you know what? That bond is a lot closer than they have over at The Washington Post, or just about anywhere else. We have an amazing company with amazing people, and people realize that there's a lot of scumbags in the media. 

I mean, I hate to use that word, but they realize that there's a lot of really bad people out there, and they see them for what they are, and we're very fortunate that we've grown that culture in our company, and you know, I'm not worried in the least.