Newsmax's Sebastian Gorka says the infrastructure bills are “nothing but a cover to steal every future election”

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Citation From the September 9, 2021, edition of Newsmax's Stinchfield 

SEBASTIAN GORKA (GUEST HOST): Their freight train of socialism continues. Just these headlines tell you enough. Whether it's the question of blowing through the debt ceiling for Nancy or not blowing through the debt ceiling for Nancy, whether it's the question of even Joe Manchin saying, I'm sorry. 3.5 trillion is just too much. Please slow down. Or then when you find out the truth, what is in these infrastructure bills? Just a cool $200 million of your money for Nancy's own district in San Francisco. And then you have - so a shocking of all - those fake journalists, those propagandists at Politico, even they are digging up the truth that these bills are nothing but a cover to steal every future election. They're going to smuggle in an attempt to amnesty the illegal aliens that are not only crossing the border right now, but who are already here in America.