Newsmax's Sebastian Gorka says Donald Trump is “the most persecuted individual in American history”

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Citation From the August 27, 2023, edition of Newsmax's The Gorka Reality Check

SEBASTIAN GORKA (HOST): This is election interference. To use the British term, who is President Trump? He is the leader of the opposition. He is the man best situated to replace, to defeat the current incumbent in the White House in next year's election. And having this case now, waiting two and a half years until the primaries have begun? We have a debate next week. Well, that's just trying to steal an election under the cover of the DOJ. President Trump is, without doubt -- it doesn't matter what your politics are -- the most persecuted individual in American history. I made a little list. Let's just go through some of the items that demonstrate empirically that he is the most persecuted individual, not just in modern American politics but in politics in general.