Newsmax's Sebastian Gorka claims Trump's felony convictions make him more relatable to working class Americans

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Citation From the June 9, 2024, edition of Newsmax's The Gorka Reality Check

SEBASTIAN GORKA (HOST): And as somebody said to me — as somebody said to me just last night, being a felon is like, oh, if you're a member of the, you know, the chattering classes and you went to Harvard. But if you're working class and you forgot to, you know, renew your car insurance or your nephew got arrested with a pocket full of weed, you know, the idea that President Trump's a felon is like, OK. We can relate to him. Is there that lack of understanding?

RICH BARIS (GUEST): There is. And I remember when I first told people when he was charged that, you know, there will be groups in this country that you just have no friends — you don't have friends in these social circles. You're in Loudoun County, Virginia. Your lunch is $200 every day. You're eating at some cafe. I mean, you know what I'm talking about, right? And they laughed at me because they don't live in this world. Meanwhile, you know — and it's like, President Trump's a felon and they're like, welcome to the club, fam. You know? I mean, this is the way it goes. Now you know what we have been dealing with for many years. You know, the prosecutors are — we're nothing but a feather in their cap. We're — you know, we're like second-rate citizens over here. And now we have somebody who can — who knows what it's like, and he can stand up for us. So go, Trump. Go all the way. I got your back. That's the way they feel. And people who dismiss that are gonna get a rude awakening. I'm telling you, it's going to happen. This isn't, you know, noise one poll, 22% Black — shift support of the Black vote - one poll is noise. Every poll for a year almost now is not noise.