Newsmax hosts agree that transgender Americans are one of the biggest threats to the country

Newsmax's Eric Bolling: “One could argue there is a rise of trans identifying terrorists in this country”

As noted previously regarding the mass shooting in Philadelphia:

Right-wing media outlets and pundits are responding to a shooting in Philadelphia on Monday by claiming, with little evidence, that the alleged shooter was transgender. The insinuation, sometimes stated outright, is the bigoted myth that trans people are threats to public life, now a common trope in right-wing media.

Conservatives are also attempting to link the shooting to the Black Lives Matter movement, based on social media posts tied to the suspect, while ignoring other posts that praised former President Donald Trump or adopted a right-wing interpretation of the Second Amendment.

“In May, he shared a post entitled: ‘Who supports Trump in 2024,’ which featured an American flag emblazoned with the words ‘God, Guns & Trump,’” Vice reported. The suspect also apparently posted a link to a pro-Trump T-shirt and another to a sweatshirt that reads: “I lubricate my AR-15 with liberal tears."

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Citation From the July 5, 2023, edition of Newsmax's Eric Bolling: The Balance

ERIC BOLLING (HOST): So. clearly these recent transgender attackers are mentally unstable, who should not own firearms or be allowed to go unmonitored by some sort of clinical treatment. But we're not doctors who won't claim to be. But something has to be done. For example, nothing that violated the narrative of Covid was allowed to be discussed. The data we do have, pumping kids full of drugs is not encouraging. It does not support pushing puberty blockers on your children, either. A group of researchers in the UK tracked the effect of puberty blockers on young people aged 12-to-15 over a nine-year period. They found that after just one year on puberty blockers, children were far more likely to want to hurt or kill themselves. Kids on puberty blockers experience stunted growth and weaker bones. They had measurably lower self-esteem. If you cared about children, if you care about these results, the White House, they don't because maybe none of this is really about helping transgender kids after all. Despite that evidence, clinics are not stopping. More adolescents with no history of gender dysphoria are presenting at gender clinics. For example, a recent analysis of insurance claims found that nearly 18,000 US miners began taking puberty blockers or hormones from 2017 to 2021, the number rising each and every year. Meanwhile, the number of US private clinics focused on providing hormones and surgeries have grown from just a few a decade ago to more than one hundred today.

So, once you decide that corporations or politicians are acting as the overlords of society with the power to rewrite history, biology, and the power to shape reality, there's no reason to stop at sex change. Will there ever be any concern as to why these various trans people are committing mass shootings? Do we know if hormones given to trans people are causing problems? We don't know. And we will have trouble knowing because no one wants to fund research that goes against that leftist narrative. Science is supposed to give a reasonable answer and not concern itself with who might get upset. Science is supposed to be objective. Personal agendas, politics, have no place in scientific research. So, to be clear, politicians are not allowed to tell doctors what to do.

Given the recent Philly shootings and others in the past year, one could argue there is a rise of trans-identifying terrorists in this country. This blows up the left narrative that all mass shooters are disenfranchised the white supremacists. Joining me now, former White House adviser Trump Administration and host of the Gorka Reality Check, Dr. Sebastian Gorka.

You know what, doc, you know what Sebastian, my friend - Joe Scarborough, Mika, their heads are gonna explode because for the last five, six years, they've been calling every mass shooter a disenfranchised white supremacist. Now, we've got a Black activist -- Black and Black BLM activist who happens to like to dress -- cross-dress. Thoughts?

SEBASTIAN GORKA (NEWSMAX HOST): Yeah, well, look, I'll start with this. I discussed this on my radio show today on America First. They're not transgender. Right? If you still have your sexual organs -- if you've got, you know, still got your parts and you put on a woman's dress, you're a cross-dresser. That goes for Admiral Levine as well. So, let's be truthful about these individuals. Number two, somebody made a fascinating point. You know, my background is counter-terrorism, and that's what I did before I joined the White House and in the White House -- if you do a statistical analysis, Eric, of the transgender community size in relation to the rest of the population, and then their propensity to use violence like we saw in Nashville with the transgender shooter that killed six people, including three little children, and then what we witnessed in Philly. This is the real threat to America because this is not a big population, but they seem to be more proportionally interested in committing mass killings and mass shootings. So, maybe the primary threat to America isn't the mysterious white supremacists Joe keeps talking about that nobody can ever see doing anything. Maybe the real threat to America are the transgender cross-dressing killers.