Former White House adviser Sebastian Gorka fantasizes about aftermath of a civil war: “I am not worried which side would win”

Gorka: “The last line of defense is you, dear listener. That's America; that's the Second Amendment”

From the February 22 edition of Salem Radio Network's America First with Dr. Sebastian Gorka:

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CALLER: I sort of have to agree with the previous gentlemen. I have been playing with this topic for about 30 years. I've got some experience with Bragg and some other things, we're on a precipice.

We're at a stage where there's no longer jokes about the tinfoil hat crowd, because things that we've predicted for 30 years have now come true. We're actually experiencing things that we've promised would happen, and people are just ignoring it and accepting it as the new normal. So, it's not exactly -- generally speaking, civil wars rarely start with tanks in the street.


CALLER: They usually start with small events. All we would need would be some repeats of Waco. I'm not talking about my agreement or disagreement with it; I'm talking about the government's actions, I'm talking about the end result, or, I'm sorry, I can't remember -- Ruby Ridge, that's what I'm trying to think of -- where, you know, the government was actually proven to have entrapped the gentleman, the end result being his wife is dead. It's hard to rewind that clock and un-ring that bell.

And now we've got a situation where right here with the left trying to pass anti-lynching laws, we have the participation of Jussie Smollett, who just essentially lynched 62 million Americans who supported the president.

So, it is a hate crime, and he should be prosecuted as a hate crime, and eventually when people see that there are two tiers of justice, they lose faith in the system.

When they lose faith in the system, they start solving it themselves. That's where you get into the position where you're really really in danger of civil unrest, civil outbreak, and eventually civil war, because the civil war component is probably going to be a result of unrest already in motion.

GORKA: Well, this is -- it's crucial for us to remember, we're not going to paint the devil on the wall, and we're not going to be chicken littles, but thank you for calling, Michael. We have to be very very clear about how this nation was born -- it was born in revolution.

Look at the state emblem of your commonwealth, the Commonwealth of Virginia. Look at the fact that our nation was born in revolution against tyranny.

Look at the fact that we have amendments to our constitution; we have a bill of rights that states what? The last line of defense isn't the federal government. The last line of defense in our representative republic -- I'm deliberately not using the word democracy because we got lots of phone calls about not being a democracy. I understand that -- but the last line of defense is you, dear listener. That's America; that's the Second Amendment. But at the end of the day, I still remain optimistic. Why?

The left is organized in terms of being a mob, in terms of throwing things at people or hitting them when they're not ready. But in terms of real organized violence on the scale of a civil war, I am not worried which side would win.


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