Associate Director at Heritage Foundation tells Sebastian Gorka universities have become “laboratories with madrassas attached to them”

Arthur Milikh: "US taxpayers are funding a generation of kids that at the very least dislike the nation”

From the June 17 edition of Salem Radio Networks' America First with Sebastian Gorka:

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ARTHUR MILIKH: The real problem is that they're radicalizing students. All these -- so many of these classes teach students to despise the nation. They don't teach them any kind of virtues of citizenship, a real view of American history, and so, US taxpayers are funding a generation of kids that at the very least dislike the nation.

SEBASTIAN GORKA (HOST): So, in the minute we have with you left, Arthur Milikh, what do we do to redress the balance?

MILIKH: So, conservatives need to start thinking big, again. The way to do that is, I think, 80% of these colleges and universities would go out of business if student loans are privatized.

GORKA: Uh-huh.

MILIKH: They would be bled dry, they would die off in 10 years, and I think that it would be a net benefit to the nation if they disappeared. There would be a whole new employment ecosystem that would take -- that would take place. Kids don't need B.A.s for the jobs that they get out of college. They can learn on the job, that's one. But with the top universities, the most elite ones, Trump has it right, he started this -- and you have to leverage their federal research dollars. You cannot be --

GORKA: What he did on the First Amendment issue, yes.

MILIKH: Exactly. You cannot -- universities cannot be what they've become, which are laboratories with madrassas attached to them. That's not okay -- and the public shouldn't think it is.

GORKA: I'm writing that one down, guys -- “laboratories with madrassas attached.” So, defund is what you're talking about.

MILIKH: Yeah, you -- you have to do it slowly, you have to parse through the research funding, a lot of it is bunk, you have to take it away, and when they buck -- when the elite ones buck, and they will buck -- then you say, “Okay, thanks very much for doing business with us. We're going to give the rest of this money, the $500 million or so you get every year to MIT or CalTech. ”

Universities that behave well, that don't corrupt their students -- you can even create a federal national university that grants PhDs in the sciences, you can only fund STEM degrees. There are ways around this.

GORKA: Get -- get back to learning real things. We have been talking to Arthur Milikh of the Heritage Foundation.


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