On Your World, Sean Hannity Gets Defensive Over Allegations That He's Favoring Trump Over Cruz

Hannity: “I Feel Like I've Been Fair To Ted Cruz”

From the April 21 edition of Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto:

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SEAN HANNITY: The background on this, Neil, is really interesting because the last 3 interviews, for whatever reason -- I feel like I've been fair to Ted Cruz, he's had much more time on my radio show than anybody else. He certainly has been on TV more than any other candidate, and he didn't like the question, and the last three times he said oh, that's a Donald Trump question and I'm like no, it's not. 

NEIL CAVUTO (HOST): But how did you get into it? You were talking about the delegate thing and the controversy that's been raised about it. How did it start? 

HANNITY: Well I asked a question about okay, how does this work. We read everything that happened over the weekend, for example, in Georgia, where some of the delegates that are committed to Trump were being courted by Cruz people, so that if there is a second ballot, if there's a contested convention, that, at that point, that they would then switch to Ted Cruz. By the way, all legitimate, all within the rules.

CAVUTO: Absolutely.

HANNITY: But I wanted to understand. I wanted him to explain. Now, I had Reince Priebus just moments ago on my radio show, and this was pretty interesting. I don't think a lot of people know this. In the courting of delegates, you can offer them airfare to the convention You can pay for their hotel room at the convention. You can buy them expensive state dinners at the convention. And I asked him, I said, doesn't that sound like you could possibly bribe somebody? So I think these are questions that are relevant, people want to know, there should be transparency, if in fact we get to a contested convention.

CAVUTO: But you know what I read there in his response, the pressures, you know, and you talk to all of these candidates throughout the process. They can feel the heat and they can blow up at the questioner. And I'm sure that rap that he's somehow part of a rigged process, that it could be gaining some popular traction, and then lo and behold Sean Hannity comes along and asks the question, a legitimate question, and he just fires away. How do you deal with that? And then how do you deal with then both camps who might just say, well, Hannity favors Trump or Hannity favors Cruz. I've seen and heard your interviews with Trump where you'll ask some very edgy questions. But you know what it's like on our respective shows, whatever you say their backers say, aha, you're not a Trump guy or not a Cruz guy or you are a Cruz guy. You know what I'm saying? How do you then turn that? 

HANNITY: Listen, you know, the very big difference here is I don't hide the fact that I'm a conservative. At the end of the day if you wanna know where I stand, I'm a Never Hillary guy. I don't want Hillary to be President. --


HANNITY: So, so the bottom --  look, I got a thousand pages of op research ready to go on her when the time comes. But here's the interesting thing. So all these people in the media, when I let these candidates talk, and I really have given them free reign because in the debates for example it's a little nuts to say okay, you have one minute, tell us how you're going to defeat ISIS. Those problems are a lot more complicated.


HANNITY: So I wanna give them time to explain how they would solve the problems with the economy, how they're gonna balance the budget, what are we gonna do about our broken school system, our broken immigration system, Obamacare falling of its own weight. So I give them the time to answer and I've done it to all of the candidates going back to the point we had 17. Now, the media will criticize me but they're the same people back in 2007 and 2008 -- and they say they're objective, they're supposed to be fair and balanced. I'm saying I'm a conservative, I want Hillary to lose -- they never asked Obama, he was asked one time about his association and friendship and starting his political career in the home of an unrepentant terrorist, Bill Ayers. And the only reason that question was asked one time was because George Stephanopoulos was right here on this radio show the day before and I fed him the question. So it's kind of hypocritical on their part --

CAVUTO: You can't win and I've said it on this show, and on my Fox Business show, when people are complaining about these interviews you do or say, I ask what would you ask. They say if Trump is on I'd like to ask about his language, and I go, Sean did. What else would you ask? Well, we'd like to go into his business background. Well, Sean did. My point is, that I think if anyone watches the full interview, they go into it thinking it'll be this and its not. So you get and elicit a great deal of news but I think that's the way the media works.


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