Watch Sean Hannity's Bizarre Response To The Fact That Bill Clinton Appointed The First Female Secretary Of State

Hannity: “You Could Argue That Bill Cosby Probably Helped Women In Their Careers”

From the January 4 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Let's go back to Mitt Romney, because you know what? The Democrats do play this card. Hillary Clinton did try to act like she was a victim because of words of Donald Trump. Will you at least agree in retrospect that, quote,  “the war on women,”  Mitt Romney, the fact that Mitt Romney had a binder of resumes of women who he wanted to hire, that that was not sexist. That that was an unfair charge leveled against him by your party, by your fellow liberal Democrats? 


LESLIE MARSHALL: No, I don't. I don't think it was unfair. And I also think speaking to Donald Trump and all of his hiring of women, Bill Clinton appointed the first female secretary of state. Bill Clinton appointed one of our still sitting Supreme Court judges who is female. 

HANNITY: That doesn't take away any of the assaults that he might have been involved in, does it? 

MARSHALL: But he's still not running. He's still not running. His wife is. 

HANNITY: I guess you could argue that Bill Cosby probably helped women in their careers. 

MICHAEL COHEN: I'm sure he did. One had a pill that knocked them out, the other one had the power. Right? 


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