Want to “be a part of” Fox's studio audience? Pay $20 to Cincinnati Tea Party

If you want to attend an April 15 taping of the Fox News program Hannity, you'll have to pay the Cincinnati Tea Party $5 to $100.

Going beyond just promoting the Tea Party movement, Fox News is apparently allowing host Sean Hannity to tape his Thursday show at the Cincinnati Tea Party's (CTP) 2010 Tax Day Tea Party, which requires paid tickets. The event, held at the University of Cincinnati, will feature a “Taping of Sean Hannity's Fox News Show,” a “Hannity Book Signing,” and speeches from local Ohio figures. According to a CTP promotional flier, “All proceeds benefit the Cincinnati Tea Party.”

CTP is selling more expensive tickets by promising better viewing of Hannity's Fox News program. For instance, CTP offers “premium reserved seating by the Hannity show” for $20; VIP seats, which include a “Floor ticket to event and dinner at the UC restaurant overlooking the arena!” for $100; and general admission seating for $5. The Cincinnati Enquirer reported today that the $20 premium seats give you “a chance to be on TV” and added that organizers “expect a sold-out crowd” of 13,000.

Hannity has repeatedly used his Fox News program to promote and help sell tickets to his CTP event. In the past week specifically, Hannity has noted his stop in Cincinnati and encouraged viewers to be a “part of the studio audience” by finding more information on his personal website, which contains a link to the UC box office.

For instance (retrieved from Nexis):

  • HANNITY: "[T]hen our final show will come Thursday from Cincinnati. That's right, tax day, April 15. Now, details about the tour and the book are on my Web site and how you can part of the 'Hannity' program and come see us." [Hannity, April 12]
  • HANNITY: “Our final show on the 15th, by the way, tax day, a big rally in Cincinnati. We have great guests lined up all next week. And details about the tour and the book are at Hannity.com.” [Hannity, April 9]
  • HANNITY: “And then tax day we will be in Cincinnati. If you want to join the show, it's all on my Web site, Hannity.com. And hopefully, you can part of the studio audience. My Web site, Hannity.com.” [Hannity, April 8]
  • HANNITY: “We will be in Cincinnati. If you want to be a part of this show, it's all on my Web site, Hannity.com. Hannity.com.” [Hannity, April 7]
  • HANNITY: “And by the way, if you want to find out how you can join us, either there or in Grand Rapids on Thursday or in New Orleans on Friday or the following week in Florida, Atlanta and Cincinnati on April 15, just go to my Web site. Details about the tour, my new book are at Hannity.com.” [Hannity, April 6]

On his website, Hannity includes the text, “Tickets for the event can be purchased HERE," which directs to the UC box office.

The Enquirer further reported that an event organizer said he's “excit[ed]” to have Hannity coming to Cincinnati and that the strong ticket sales will offset the cost of putting on the April 15 event. The organizer added that if there's “an overage, which I doubt, it will go to the Cincinnati Tea Party for future events.”

While in Ohio, Hannity will also do a fundraiser for former Fox News employee and Republican gubernatorial candidate John Kasich.

CTP's promotional flier:

A seating chart of the event from the University of Cincinnati's box office: