Trump's lawyer and frequent Fox guest Jay Sekulow demands to know why there isn't a special counsel for Obama

Sekulow: Speaking as “the president's lawyer,” “the special counsel should be” looking at Obama

From the July 6 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

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JAY SEKULOW: But here's what's so interesting about this -- so we know for a fact that President Obama knew from his intelligence agencies that there was some type of Russian engagement in the electoral process. That's what's been reported and that's what has come out and the intelligence agencies have pretty much confirmed that. We also know that he did nothing. Why did he do nothing? Well the president said it today, because he thought Hillary Clinton was going to win. So let's talk about what we have now. So now -- this is as the president's lawyer -- so let's figure out what we've got now. Now we've got a special counsel investigating whether in fact there was Russia hacking or Russian interference with the election, which is actually information the previous administration and the intelligence community already has. So there's a special counsel investigating this Russia hacking issue, Russia engagement in the election, based on information that was already out there. 


SEKULOW: Why isn't there a special counsel trying to figure out why President Obama did nothing when this happened? That is what the special counsel should be doing.

INGRAHAM: We need a special -- yeah, we need a special counsel on the special counsel at this point.

SEKULOW: Yeah. There you go. Yeah.

LOU DOBBS: On the campaign trail, Donald Trump said it right and said it first: we need an investigation of the investigators.


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