Trump Supporter Hannity Whines About San Diego Radio Affiliate Airing Clinton’s Foreign Policy Speech

Sean Hannity: “That Is The Dumbest Decision I Think I Have Ever Heard”

From the June 2 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Why is KOGO running Hillary's speech out in San Diego, and streaming us? No, they're streaming her speech -- They're streaming and running the speech? Can you write the people over at KOGO? What is wrong with these people? Who runs that station? I mean, that is the dumbest decision I think I have ever heard.

Who's programming -- the reason we have quadrupled your ratings, let me be honest here, out in San Diego, is because you got rid of what you were doing. If you put Hillary on in my spot for a half hour, you are chasing my listeners away. As a matter of fact, they are running away scared. [...] Makes a big difference to me, because I'd like to keep the ratings up high where they are.

So, can somebody call KOGO radio and tell them that running Hillary's speech was a dumb idea? Good grief, who makes the decisions for this company? That is so dumb.


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