Trump Praises Fox News, Claims “Much” Of The Media “Is Fake News”

During Interview With Sean Hannity, Trump Lashes Out At Media Outlets For Calling Out His Lies, Claiming “They Make Things Up”

From the January 26 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

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DONALD TRUMP: I went to the CIA, my first time, because I have great respect for intelligence. Not the man who headed the CIA, I don't have any respect for him, but -- Brennan, I did not think he was good.

But I have great respect for the CIA, for the people. I went there, I have even more respect now because they took me for tours, they showed me. They are amazing. I made a speech, now, I know if it's good or bad, I am really good at knowing -- did I do well, or did I do poorly? And hopefully I don't --

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Do you rate every speech?

TRUMP: I could not have done so poorly because I won, right?


TRUMP: But, but -- no, but in your own head you do too --

HANNITY: I know, you know when you do it well.

TRUMP: When you do an interview, you say “you know, you did great” or “I didn't do so good.” I gave a speech, that really was a 10, relatively speaking. I had a standing ovation like you wouldn't believe, everybody, and it was such a success. Okay, so now I see CNN and other people saying well, who was in the audience from Trump?

Trump? I went there with a few people, there is nobody. It was all CIA. They said “But I heard the first row, and the first two” -- you saw that press conference. Sean did a great job, but this guy, whoever he was, I didn't even know who he was, he was saying that we stacked the audience.

I can't stack the audience at the CIA. I paid great homage to the wall with the stars, I paid great homage, and the audience was standing ovation. They actually -- they were standing from the beginning, they didn't even sit down. It was one standing ovation, the whole thing.

So, I get back, and I will say Fox treated it great, they said it was great.

When our new person running, Mike Pompeo who is fantastic, he said to me the other day, “that was so great, everyone loved it.”Everybdy loved it, when I got back, I saw the speech, they didn't like it, it wasn't respectful, it was a smattering of applause. It wasn't a smattering, it was -- there were like 300, 350 people in the room, over 1000 wanted to come.

And if I took a vote right now, I would've won 350 to nothing, believe me, but even that was demeaned as much as they can demean it. What I'm saying, Sean, is this: the media, much of the media, not all of it, is very, very dishonest. Honestly, it is fake news. It's fake, they make things up.


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