Serial Gun Misinformer John Lott Mansplains Why “Weak” Women Need Guns

Lott: Guns Are Important “Particularly For Somebody Like A Woman, Who's Relatively Weaker Physically”

From the January 8 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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JOHN LOTT: I think that it's pretty clear, particularly for somebody like a woman, who's relatively weaker physically. We have something called the National Crime Victimization Survey, that's -- looks at about a hundred thousand people each year, and they've been doing this for more than forty years now, and you can break it down in different ways. You look at people who have been victims of crime, they asked how they respond, what's the outcome, whether the criminal was armed, or unarmed, what type of crime was being committed. And what you find consistently, year after year, is that by far the safest course of action for victims to take is to have a gun. It's particularly true for people who are relatively weaker physically, women and the elderly, and people who are most likely to be victims of violent crime. 


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