Sean Hannity is very excited by Roy Moore demanding to have a handwriting expert review one accuser's yearbook

Hannity: “They want a handwriting expert to look at the actual yearbook. These were the questions that I said they had to answer”

From the November 15 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): All right, there you have it. There was the campaign manager for Roy Moore as well as the attorney for Roy Moore. The bottom line is, is they went through a number of issues here. They want a handwriting expert to look at the actual yearbook. These were the questions that I said they had to answer. 


I've seen all of this on the internet, I've seen an analysis of these sevens. One thing that any expert will be able to tell is, OK, is that ink old or new? Very simple, find out in seconds. That's not going to be hard forensic discovery. We actually brought on a -- we have a forensic -- I told you earlier in the program I knew what was coming out today because I had put this question out last night because people need to know the truth, this is too serious, too serious of a time. 42 years, forensic document examiner specializing in handwriting. Karl Schaffenberger is with us. Certified document examiner.


Let's talk about the sevens that were referred to, the two different versions of seven seven on the document. I assume you've seen it, at least on the internet. Is that true?

KARL SCHAFFENBERGER: I've just seen it on TV, I haven't had a real good look at it. 

HANNITY: Is that -- I look at them, and I've seen them on the internet. This isn't what I do, obviously. Can there be variations where you would know with 100 percent certainty if it was a forgery or accurate?

SCHAFFENBERGER: Well -- 100 percent certainty. I think so. But you have to remember also, that this was allegedly written how many years ago? 40 years ago?

HANNITY: About 38, 40 years ago. Somewhere in there, yeah. 

SCHAFFENBERGER: 38 or 40 years ago. If I were to do this case, I would want contemporaneous standards. I wouldn't want to see his handwriting now. 


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