Sean Hannity uses winter storm to claim climate change is a lie

Hannity: “They do lie to us repeatedly about global warming”

From the March 6 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): So, if you live in the east coast, there's a massive, massive storm coming. And that means we have to check in with Joe Bastardi,, author -- tell everybody about your new book. How's the new book doing?

JOE BASTARDI: It's doing very, very well, and thank you for bringing it up the other day, and now it's called The Climate Chronicles: Inconvenient Revelations You Won't Hear From Al Gore And Others, and you can check it out on Amazon.

HANNITY: But they -- just one quick question on this -- they do lie to us repeatedly about global warming, and then it's global cooling, and then it's global --


HANNITY: “The ice age is coming,” Time Magazine had, and then the Earth is going to blow up, and burn up, and now they just -- they just call it global whatever climate change, because this way, it's generic. And if it's hot or too hot, they can say it's climate change. If it's cold, too cold, they can say it's climate change. But it didn't work out when they said “global cooling” or “global warming,” so they had to fix it.

BASTARDI: Yeah, well, it's like if you were like in match, Sean, and every time you scored a point, the other guy got one. That's how it works, any answer is the right answer, anything can happen and probably will.


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