Sean Hannity Uses Obama's Historic Trip To Cuba To Push “Apology Tour” Myth

Hannity: Obama “Got Lectured Again”

From the March 21 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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HANNITY (HOST): Let me play this cut for you. I can't believe that the president, he started with an apology tour, he ends with an apology tour. You know, saying, “you know, Raul Castro's telling us all about our shortcomings, and the needs of people not being met, and poverty, and inequality and race relations” -- and I'm thinking, “Yeah, what have you done for any of these issues? Everything has gotten worse under you.” But he gets lectured again by a murdering communist dictator. 


HANNITY: I mean, did that not sound like a lecture that he can tell us about the needs of our people, and poverty, and inequality, and race relations? And I'm like, “Did you know the Castro brothers were murdering thugs?” What part of that doesn't he get? 

JAMIE DUPREE: It was really interesting to watch, sort of, the social media reaction as Air Force One went down to Cuba yesterday, because I think for a lot of people, obviously like yourself, this is a trip that never should have occurred or it should only have occurred after the Cubans had made dramatic changes and alterations in what they've been up to. Overall, the bottom line is this is, at least to me looking from here, it's just, it's a big deal but doesn't have the impact that I think it might have had a few years ago -- even 10 or 20 years ago. I just think, there almost seems to be, every time I've heard Cuba brought up on the trail it just doesn't get that big of a reaction. It still sticks in the craw of Republicans, and there's no problem with that, that's certainly their long-held point of view, not all of them. And it's a reminder, I think, by the number of companies that are trying to get in to Cuba, just how long this has splintered -- not only in the Republican Party but in the Democratic side as well -- as to what to do in Cuba. 


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