Sean Hannity uses the Florida high school shooting to shill for gun safes

From the February 14 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): You have to be trained in the use of it, it's not a toy. This is not a game, and if you have kids in your house, you gotta lock your guns up.

They have -- you know, go to They have fingerprint handgun safes that open in a second. It's -- you can't get to it any quicker, and you know, put em strategically, locate them throughout your house.

Anyway, our thoughts and prayers are with everybody -- I'm not -- this is not a gun debate. I don't want to talk about guns. I don't think you're gonna change people's mind. What I do want to do is I do want to keep kids safe. I don't want to see any more scenes where these kids are running out of their school, hundreds of them, they're told to put their hands up, their backpacks down in a pile, and you know, their parents are scared to death. And there's going to be two parents tonight that are mourning the death of their children. At least two, there may be more by the time this is all over.


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