Sean Hannity Urges Potential Trump Press Secretary Not To Speak With The Press Every Day

Sean Hannity: “Why Do You Have To Go Out And Talk With Them Every Day, Anyway? You Don't”

From the November 21 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Now, your name's out there a lot, about a possible position. You're open to one.

LAURA INGRAHAM: Yeah, I mean, I like what I do.

HANNITY: You're in New York, just by coincidence?

INGRAHAM: I'm kind of like you, Sean. Sean, you and I like, love what we do.


INGRAHAM: We just love on a daily basis, it's just such a privilege to talk to the American people and hear what they have to say.

HANNITY: Yeah, well they've mentioned your name. I'm never considered for dog catcher.

INGRAHAM: Well, that's because you're too rich. They can't -- you're just too rich, you know, the crumbs go for everybody else -- no no, I'm just kidding.

HANNITY: Thanks a lot.

INGRAHAM: It's fun to be part of the mix, but look, I think they're doing other things that are frankly more important than press secretary, and I don't really have anything to say.

HANNITY: I am worried, I think you'd be great, but I think it would drive you nuts.

INGRAHAM: Tell me why.

HANNITY: Because those people are vicious.


HANNITY: And look, and I -- it would be entertaining because I don't think you would take that crap. I would enjoy watching it.

INGRAHAM: Yeah, well I think that the American people are a little tired of the old game, the old press game, and I think they're on to the press people, I think they're on to the bias. Every poll shows that, and it's time --

HANNITY: He doesn't need -- why do you have to go out and talk with them every day, anyway? You don't.

INGRAHAM: Well, he met with all of these members of the press today which I found kind of interesting. They're the ones who messed up. He got it right and they're the ones who messed up their analysis, they got the predictions and projections wrong. Yeah, I think he's showing that he's very magnanimous, he sits down with folks some folks from Fox.

HANNITY: Yeah, more gracious than I would be.


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