Sean Hannity tells Trump allies issued subpoenas by Congress to all plead the Fifth

Hannity defends Trump’s confession that he would accept election help from foreign governments then attacks Hillary Clinton for using Fusion GPS

From the June 17 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Top Democrats once again investigating Trump/Russia collusion. They once again want to do this, this is now the fifth such investigation and the results will not be any different.

As the Attorney General said, it is over. More seasoned Democrats, 43 Democrats, oh, newly elected, red states, they all are expressing loudly, this is political suicide. But, by the way, whatever.

According to reports, Democrats are planning to haul in Corey Lewandowski, former New Jersey governor Chris Christie, even Paul Manafort to Capitol Hill.

More testimony, same questions, more interviews. Everyone in my view should plead the Fifth.

You know what? After four investigations that concluded the same thing, no collusion, no obstruction, a fifth investigation is nothing short of an abuse of power and absolute harassment and a waste of taxpayer money. And, by the way, what about the private citizens that will now again have to hire high-priced, hourly lawyers in Washington? It is a national disgrace and they don't care.


“They call me, I'd listen. If it's wrong, I'll go to the F.B.I.” -- if listening to what some people say, when they call you, you don't solicit it, and reporting anything nefarious to the F.B.I. is a crime, then what does that make Hillary Clinton?

You know, I know George Stephanopolous, by the way, is a Clinton sycophant -- oh, by the way, the lowest ratings ever for his hour special. Our phone interviews with Donald Trump rated higher. I'll explain later.


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