Sean Hannity tells Gov. Andrew Cuomo to stop “whining, bitching, and complaining” about the lack of ventilators and supplies

Hannity: “It’s getting pathetic, Andrew. … That’s a nice hospital behind you. Thank Donald Trump.”

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Citation From the March 27, 2020, edition of Fox News' Hannity

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Everything that New York will need, Cuomo has requested, the president has delivered. But you know, I watched day after day, and he says it, he talks with such great authority. You know, these politicians, all talk, no action, that's what we're getting from Cuomo. It sounds great, sounds authoritative, sounds wonderful. Came on my radio show for 40 minutes, yeah, we'll all work together. Today, he had nothing but more whining, bitching and complaining. It's getting pathetic, Andrew. What are you doing and why didn't you prepare better? 


Oh, they don't need them yet. By the way, that's a nice hospital behind you. Thank Donald Trump. Maybe once in a while just say thank you Mr. President. Thank you to the American people. They're paying that bill. Now, he even admits, they don't currently have a ventilator shortage in New York. We need 40,000! Okay, if you need 40,000, we'll get you 40,000. You're not even using the 4,000 you got this week.