Sean Hannity Is Still Defending “Nonexistent” Iran Video That Even Donald Trump Has Now Admitted Was A Lie

Donald Trump sycophant Sean Hannity continued to defend the Republican presidential nominee's claim that video exists of $400 million being unloaded from a plane in Iran, despite the candidate admitting the claim was a lie. Media debunked Trump’s false claim in real-time and called Trump’s assertion a “far fetched tale” with “no evidence.” Hannity has desperately and consistently defended Trump’s racist attacks, inflammatory rhetoric, and policy blunders. From the August 5 edition of Premiere Radio Networks’ The Sean Hannity Show:

PATRICK POOLE: We have serious problems and we’ve got the DNC staged event that’s really taken our eyes off the ball of -- we’ve got serious problems, not just here in the U.S., but in the world.

SEAN HANNITY: You Know, we now have video of the ransom that Iran is now showing. You know, for all the talk about how the President talked about, well,  this great new Iranian deal, and we give them $150 billion, we give them $400 million in cash and I guess Euros and Francs, and we send it in an unmarked cargo plane and it’s on pallets and they get the cash, and even John Kerry and the President and Susan Rice and so many others admit and Josh Earnest admit that “Yeah, they could use that money to foment more terror.” I mean, they’ve been the number one state sponsor of terror now for over a decade and longer.