Sean Hannity Speculates That The Clinton's “Have Something” On FBI Director James Comey

Hannity: “She Could Get Elected And Be Impeached Within Days”

From the October 14 edition of Fox News' Hannity

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): We got to slow down here because we've got collusion. We know that the State Department contacted Hillary's campaign, gave them a head's up. We know that the Justice Department gave Hillary's campaign a head's up. We know now that the White House was actively involved because the president who said he learned about the e-mails in the press ended up getting e-mails to and from Hillary. Now, I would say, because of everyone's involvement, we need an outside investigator, we need a grand jury empaneled  and there is a possibility, first of all, that if they destroyed those e-mails and they were under subpoena, that's a crime. It's called obstruction of justice. She could get elected and be impeached within days. True or false? 

JUDGE JEANINE PIRRO:  Well you're right. She could get elected and be impeached. But here's the problem. You've got the Clintons who have their tentacles all over. This is a textbook example of collusion, corruption , and Banana Republic. You've got the Department of Justice, the FBI, the State Department as well as the White House all in agreement just to make sure that Hillary gets in. I mean the deal is everybody is in on the deal except for the American people. You can get the Justice Department or a special prosecutor with grand jury powers to start all over. But here's the problem. Jim Comey destroyed some of the evidence. Jim Comey allowed for the destruction of some of the evidence. 

HANNITY: Makes you wonder what they have on Jim Comey. 


PIRRO: I agree. I know him to be a different man but I am terribly disappointed. 

HANNITY: You think there's a possibility they may have something on him in. 

PIRRO: I don't know  what they did to him, or why he did what he did, but it's contrary to the law.


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