Sean Hannity Slams House Republicans For “Betray[ing]” Voters By Passing Budget Deal

Hannity: “This Is Exactly Why So Many People Feel Washington ... Is So Broken”

From the October 30 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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SEAN HANNITY: I just want to give you a statistic for those of you that are part of the 60 percent of Americans -- I'm sorry, 60 percent of Republicans that find that you have been betrayed by your party. I want you to think about this, and this was in the Washington Times, is that this spending bill, 144 page bill, literally amounts to $558 million in new spending per page. You can't make that up. You know, John Boehner is out there celebrating, “What do we cut? We cut the budget, we cut the deficit.” Really? $558 million in new spending for every 144 pages. I mean, granting the president another debt holiday, busting the budget caps, boosting spending over $80 billion over the next two years.

And Democrats are so thrilled with this deal. They're the ones that ended up doing the real heavy lifting here. And this is exactly why so many people feel that Washington is just so broken and just so out of control and out of touch. Because every time, lets see if they spend $558 million in 144 page bill per page new spending. OK, who is going to pay that money back? Whose debt does that ultimately become? Well that would be your children. That would be your grandchildren. You know, Rand Paul at the debate the other night said he was gonna filibuster this thing. According to Newsweek, and I've been a little out of touch as I've been traveling here, but in an effort to delay the passage of this budget deal, Rand Paul began a filibuster about 3 P.M. yesterday, and the effort was expected to continue through 1 A.M. on Friday but ended after speaking only 18 minutes and 40 seconds. And it turned out that he spoke out against the budget bill only until the time the Senate was to vote on the budget deal. I'm not really sure why, I thought he was actually going to do a real filibuster. I asked him the night before after the debate how long he planned on filibustering, and he said, “a long time.” So now is the big test.

Now, Paul Ryan's the new speaker. I know a lot of conservatives aren't happy and, I think, rightfully so. I've always been a Reagan “trust but verify guy.” In other words, now that you have sort of betrayed us, now that you have been unwilling to fight, now that you've showed timidity, now that you've been weak, now that you have surrendered so many times, well what do you do to reestablish faith with those people that donated to your campaigns, put you in power expecting that you would fulfill specific promises on repealing replacing Obamacare and executive amnesty and all these other issues? The only thing that I can think of is going to those same voters and saying, “we screwed up.” Admitting the truth. The second thing you have to do is lay out what your agenda is. The third thing is, you gotta get the conference on board. Because if you have a divided conference, and you got half that are willing to fight, or only 40 people that are willing to fight, you can't win that way. So I'd lock yourselves up in a room somewhere, and I'd come up with an inspiring agenda, I'd put it down on paper, I'd make every single conference member sign their name to it. And then I'd go about the business, tell them what you're gonna do, do it, and tell them you did it. Maybe that would reestablish trust. Maybe that would sort of lessen the burden of the word “betrayal” that now hangs over the heads of every elected Republican. 


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