Sean Hannity Silent As Guest Claims “We Have A Race War Going On”

Bo Dietl: “We Have A Race War Going On”

From the July 22 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

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BO DIETL: Sean, it doesn't jive. You know what doesn't jive? This man was able to get a great education in Harvard. He's never held a job, he was a community organizer. He was a United States Senator for 15 seconds, a United States Senator for another five seconds. He becomes the President of the United States. He's never ran a business.

He doesn't know what in the hell he's doing, and cops are dying around this country. We have a division. We have a race war going on, a division between the cops and our inner cities. And what does he say? This is jive? This is not jive. We've got young kids dying, I'll guarantee you tonight in Chicago, a young African-American will be killed tonight, that's jive Mr. President?

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): That doesn't fit the narrative that goes through the prism of race that president seems to always want to advance.


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