Sean Hannity says America “will cease to exist” if officials behind Mueller probe are not “held accountable”

Hannity: “We either hold these people accountable or we will pay a price” 

From the March 25 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): As I have been saying the entire show and frankly the work that me and our ensemble cast, there have been two very distinct narratives that have been moving forward. We now know that the American people, the media has--and they have not been held accountable, all their lies for two plus years, all their conspiracy theories for two plus years, all of the misinformation for all of this time but more importantly those at the highest levels of power that abused that power, that rigged an investigation into one favored candidate, illegally unmasked American citizens, leaked raw intelligence about American citizens, weaponized the powerful tools of intelligence against the American people, abused the greatest trust that we could ever put in anybody in terms of as a country, if they're not held accountable then America as this great constitutional republic, the greatest country God has ever given man, will cease to exist. 

We have in this case criminalized political differences on a level this country has never witnessed before. We either hold these people accountable or we will pay a price, future presidents will endure this same type of, you know, attempt to rig an election first and then undo a duly elected president because they think they knew better. 


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