Sean Hannity Rushes To Defend Trump's Call To Espionage: Media Is “Purposefully Distorting This Whole Thing”

Hannity: “It’s The Media Desperately Trying To Help Save Hillary Clinton From The Mess She Now Finds Herself In”

From the July 27 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): We’ve got to be real here. The media has got the whole thing wrong. They’re purposefully distorting this whole thing which is what they do, and I’ll get into more examples in a minute. How is it possible, for them to now at this point, if Donald Trump -- if the argument is that Donald Trump just encouraged a foreign entity, an enemy state, but I thought the reset worked, to hack into Hillary Clinton's email server and find the 33,000 emails that were about yoga, a wedding, a funeral, and conversations with Bill Clinton on email even though he doesn’t email. How is it even possible that he's requesting that, considering that everybody knows that the servers don't exist anymore, that the emails, also too, were deleted? So the argument on the surface is just false and wrong and it’s the media desperately trying to help save Hillary Clinton from the mess she now finds herself in. Now Trump is assuming that the Russian hacking is already done. James Comey has said as much himself repeatedly.


What Trump is saying here is that it had to have been done already. And that if they do have them, they don’t have any respect for this country, which would be true. And if they do have them, and they release them, yeah, the media in the country would probably like to see whether or not these emails -- 30-plus-thousand of them -- were about about a wedding, a funereal, about yoga, and about emailing somebody who doesn’t have an email address.


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