Sean Hannity Responds To Climate Change Summit: “Idiots” Call It Climate Change, “We Call It Weather”

From the November 30 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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SEAN HANNITY: You know the history of climate change, it never used to be called climate change, you know this. You can go back to the 1970's TIME magazine, front page cover, the same people, the same leftists the same agenda and they were telling the world that the new ice age is coming. Well that evolved into global warming is coming. Now Antarctica is literally accumulating more ice than we have seen in decades and decades and decades. So now they just have a generic term climate change. And climate change means if you get more snow than you normally would, that is climate change. If you don't get enough snow that you normally would get that's called climate change. If you get more tornadoes or less tornadoes, that's climate change. If you get fewer hurricanes or more hurricanes than usual, that's climate change. Everything fits into the narrative of climate change. Now to the rest of us it's called weather and weather patterns, but to these idiots it's called climate change.


HANNITY: You got a president who begins his presidency, he travels to the Middle East, offers a confessional tour for the United States of America -- telling world leaders, you know, gathered in Paris here today for this climate change -- not global cooling, not global warming -- climate change because that encompasses everything no matter what happens. If it rains, climate change. it doesn't rain, climate change. Tsunami, climate change, no tsunami, climate change. Everything -- snows, climate change, no snow, climate change. Hot, climate change. Cold, climate change. We call it weather.


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