Sean Hannity promotes Mike Flynn’s legal defense fund

From the August 21 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Alright, Lt. Flynn, Gen. Flynn, let's see, they put off and have postponed his sentencing now for the fifth time. What was his big crime? Lying to the FBI. Okay, but Peter Strzok, who interviewed him, didn't think he lied, nor did James Comey think that he lied. Now, this is a guy that's had to sell his house, 30 plus years of service to his country, his crime, lying to the FBI.


Lying to the FBI, nobody thought he lied, but he had to sell his house and he had no money left to defend himself. Just in case you're interested -- does he have a defense fund? I don't know, I know all the Peter Strzok --

LYNDA MCLAUGHLIN: Is there a GoFundMe, like Peter Strzok?

HANNITY: I know, like, Peter Strzok, who had -- I mean, that would be interesting, if it, that -- that is out there. I haven't heard about his, Peter Strzok is getting all of this anti-Trump money.


MCLAUGHLIN: There is a fund for Gen. Michael Flynn, and you can go to the General Michael Flynn legal fund on GoFundMe. I think the --

HANNITY: Didn't he sell his house?


HANNITY: So sad.

MCLAUGHLIN: Wait until you see the amount, it's even more sad.

HANNITY: How much did he sell his house for?

MCLAUGHLIN: No, how much he's raised.

HANNITY: How much? Tell me.


HANNITY: Oh my god. And what did Strzok raise?

MCLAUGHLIN: $400,000 in two days, course there's nothing nefarious about that.



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