Sean Hannity Opens Show With “Explosive Reports” Of Media Bias, Cites Law & Order SVU, And TMZ

Hannity: “Tonight Two Explosive Reports Reveal The Mainstream Media Is Doing Everything It Can To Try And Utterly Destroy Donald Trump's Presidential Campaign.”

From the October 12 edition of Fox News' Hannity

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SEAN HANNITY(HOST): Welcome to “Hannity.” And tonight two explosive reports reveal that the mainstream media is doing everything it can to try and utterly destroy Donald Trump's presidential campaign. Of course, all in an attempt to put Hillary Clinton in the White House. TMZ is reporting quote  “NBC execs had a plan to time the release of the Donald Trump audio to have maximum impact on both the second presidential debate and the general election.” 

The Washington Post however beat them to the punch. Sources within NBC also reportedly told TMZ that network decision makers have quote “open disdain for Trump and they're not willing to tell the truth about when they first learned about the existence of this tape.” Now we asked NBC News about this report. They provided us with this statement. Quote, “There is no truth to this. NBC news officials learned of the tape last week.” And that's not the only report we have. According to CNN, NBC news is ordering footage from Trump's hit show “Celebrity Apprentice” to be thoroughly reviewed to try and dig up potentially damaging comments from the GOP nominee. We asked the network for this report as well but we have not heard back. Plus Variety reports, just two weeks before the election, NBC's “Law and Order SVU” is now supposed to air an episode featuring a Trump-like character whose presidential campaign is damaged by several women accusing the candidate of misconduct. Really? Now we asked NBC about the upcoming episode. They told us to remember that this is a fictional show. 


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