Sean Hannity: “The mystery of Paul Pelosi's hammer attack has deepened”

Hannity: Paul Pelosi was acting “very strange” during a home invasion, and didn't have “the normal reaction one would have”

Sean Hannity: "The mystery of Paul Pelosi's hammer attack has deepened"

Sean Hannity: "The mystery of Paul Pelosi's hammer attack has deepened"
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Citation From the November 4, 2022, edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): I don't know what to make of this story in the Daily Mail today, but it talks about -- the mystery of Paul Pelosi's hammer attack has deepened. Now according to this report, it says a seemingly calm Paul Pelosi opened the door to the police officers -- he called 9-1-1, some guy is in his house. Then the police officers show up. They respond.

Anyway, he never let on, apparently, that he was in any distress at all whatsoever just seconds before, you know, he opens the door and he says -- instead of telling the police officers to come in and help, I got this guy in here with a hammer, apparently, Pelosi calmly greeted the police at the door, no signs of injuries that they mentioned, retreated several feet back, went back into the foyer and that's where police actually witnessed this -- this guy, this nut, this illegal immigrant guy strike him with the hammer. They nearly -- by the way, he nearly killed him.

Now, they did go on to say -- it's not clear if he was already injured, but there was no indication according to the police report. We'd like to get the body cam footage. We're gonna put in a FOIA request on that.

You know, and by the way, I've never doubted his story for a second -- but if somebody breaks into your house and you call the police and the police show up, is your reaction gonna be, you know, nonchalant and walk back into the hallway and not have any sense of urgency? Or are you gonna run out and say, this guy's trying to kill me, go get him, and run out of the house and let the professionals do their job? Especially if you don't -- if you don't believe in self defense.

So, that's very strange. That does not seem like the normal reaction one would have. I'm glad the guy is okay, meaning Paul Pelosi, but this story is strange. That is not a normal reaction when somebody is being attacked by a stranger in their own home that has a hammer. So, I think we need to get to the bottom of that.