Sean Hannity: Mitt Romney “Should Not Be Under Consideration” For Secretary Of State

Hannity: “The Way He Acted Here? No Loyalty. He Should Not Be Under Consideration”

From the November 17 edition of Fox News' Hannity​:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Mitt Romney reportedly is being considered for secretary of state? Look, I think Mitt Romney would have been a great president but the way he acted here? No loyalty. He should not be under consideration, in my view. Your thoughts.

HERMAN CAIN: Well we don't know if he's seriously under consideration or if this is Trump's way of trying to bring the party together. Remember, there was a lot of division.

HANNITY: Well that would be fine. I think that's -- you know, put water under the bridge, let's start over. I think that's a nice gesture. 


HANNITY: Here's my criteria, how much controversy will they cause? The media is ready to pounce, Ari. I think that's one. How loyal are they going to be? Because stuff is going to happen and he's going to need people that can get through the hard times. That's important to me. Will they follow Trump's agenda, not their own agenda? You know how selfish they can be. Are they more than qualified for the job and I think a full vetting like what they did with Mike Pence worked out so well, do with that for everybody, especially top positions. Is that a good criteria? 

ARI FLEISCHER: It is, Sean, because the absolute most important criteria to serve a president is to do what the president wants you to do.


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