Sean Hannity on Michael Cohen: “I’ve never been his client … he was never my lawyer”

Sean Hannity: "We’ve never had that relationship, or anything that resembles, in any possible way – he was never my lawyer”

From the February 28 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): They bring up all these other issues. You know, I just happened to know a couple because I was dragged into that case, and I'll say, to Michael Cohen's credit, that Michael Cohen, when his lawyers said that I was a third client in the courtroom, and I -- I've never been his client. We've never -- he's -- we've never had that relationship, or anything that resembles, in any possible way -- he was never my lawyer.

He -- I -- he never, ever was involved in any legal issue in my life, period. And remember the circumstances, because he had two clients, and one was the issue of Stormy Daniels, and the other was some guy with a Playboy, or Penthouse model, whatever payment.

And the media said “Oh, he probably fixed something for Hannity, if Hannity paid -- Hannity's got that problem, let's crush Hannity” -- and I had to go out immediately with -- I think we tweeted it out that day.

Remember, it came to happen like five to 3 in -- before radio one day, think it was the worst 20 minutes of radio I did, because I'm not paying attention, I'm half-writing the response that this is false, that he's never been my lawyer, he's never worked on any case, especially any case involving a third party, and I've never retained him, I've never been billed by him, I've never paid him.

And I -- I just was putting out every single solitary thing. I said, “Oh, maybe once I might have asked him a question about real estate, not even a legal question,” and the media went -- went nuts.


I'm in radio 30 years, I've been on Fox 23 years, and I kind of -- you build up immunity to this sort of thing, and -- it never upset me, it disappointed me. And he did apologize to me, personally, which -- I accepted his apology, and I looked at it like, okay, this guy's got enough going on in his life.

He's got a wife, two kids, and he has to be living through hell, and I just dropped it. That was the end of it for me, and I think was the right thing to do, and I didn't regret my decision in any way.

But I -- you know, are there certain things that I know that were coming out yesterday. I mean, I remember specifically asking him, both privately and a number of times about this deal -- “I never told the president anything about this deal. I used my own money,” he never knew, never told him, must have said that 12, 14, 15 times, and I know I can name five other people that he said it to.


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