Sean Hannity makes ridiculous claim Twitter employees are attempting to “cover their tracks” before Musk takes over by lifting shadow bans on conservatives

Hannity: “It’s almost as if Twitter employees lifted a broad anti-conservative, anti-Trump shadow ban to cover their tracks before the new boss takes over”

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Citation From the April 27, 2022, edition of Fox News' Hannity 

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): And now something else inappropriate appears to be going on at Twitter. Shortly after Elon's successful bid to buy the social media giant -- well -- conservatives on the platform all of a sudden, out of nowhere, enjoyed a massive bump in followers and interactions. 

For example, in just two days, Donald Trump Jr. -- wow, magically -- he got 200,000 new followers. That is roughly 2000 percent increase daily. Wow. It's almost as if Twitter employees lifted a broad anti-conservative, anti-Trump shadow ban, which we all knew was taking place, anyway, in an effort to cover their tracks before the new boss takes over. Now, Twitter claims that there's nothing nefarious at play here, but they've said that all before. 

Now, we know the current executives at Twitter are far left political hacks. We have witnessed their dishonest, their deeply biased gatekeeping over and over and over again, but hopefully that's going to change.