Sean Hannity: “Lying, propagandizing, I guess pays for people. It pays pretty well.”

Hannity: “Great gig, I guess, if you can get it”

Sean Hannity: “Lying, propagandizing, I guess pays for people. It pays pretty well.”

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Citation From the January 17, 2020, edition of Premiere Networks’ The Sean Hannity Show

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): The president was clear yesterday, “I don't know this guy.” “Yeah, well, there's a picture with you” — “Yeah, I take pictures, every time I go somewhere I'm taking pictures.” I guess, maybe these guys have never had a photo line, because nobody really gives a rip about who they are, because they're known liars. It is such despicable — I mean, this is what I mean, journalism's dead. They think they're journalists.

I mean, you know, admit who you are. I am a talk show host, I admit who I am, on radio and television. And as a talk show host, sometimes, I just, straight news, we'll report the news, tell you what's going on. Sometimes, we do investigative reporting — Obama, we vetted him, nobody else would. We went into depth and detail, the Deep State, FISA abuse, Hillary Clinton, obstruction, illegal Espionage Act, premeditated fraud, FISA court, spying on a presidential campaign, transition team, and a president. It happened. Bill Barr even said it — spying, that's what surveillance is, spying. Then of course, outsourcing of spying to friendly countries. You're going to have to wait for the vindication on that, but it's coming. Proven right on all of it. Where were they? Missing in action, peddling conspiracy theories, and their hoaxes, and their lies.

You know, the laundry list of people that now are experts, Comey, Brennan, McCabe, Clapper, all these people, and now they're getting paid gigs on the same networks that got it wrong. It's unbelievable. Great gig, I guess, if you can get it — lying, propagandizing, I guess pays for people. It pays pretty well. So what's that? These are con artists now, they're just liars, they're just advancing a political agenda. There is nothing significant about Lev Parnas, nothing. But you know, what have they ever done, the Democrats, except try and hurt Trump? They done anything to create jobs, prosperity, peace, security in this country?