Sean Hannity lets Roger Stone promote Infowars on Fox News

Roger Stone: “I was appearing once a day on Infowars, where we're fighting a terrific war against net censorship”

From the June 20 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): When I first heard the headline, I'm like, “OK, why didn't they tell?” And then, as I read it, and I talked to Michael Caputo about it -- why don't you just tell -- So, you met with some guy that said he had dirt on Hillary, offered --

ROGER STONE: Yeah. Michael Caputo contacted me, and he said that he had been contacted by a man using an alias, as it turns out, Henry Greenberg, who had information that he said would be of great value to the Trump campaign. I met with him, and it turned out that --

HANNITY: By the way, this is important -- every congressman would take the call if they got that call, “Oh, we've got info on your -- op research on your opponent.”

STONE: Well, and in a presidential year, I mean, I was writing a book, The Making of the President, I was starring in a Netflix documentary --

HANNITY: I saw it --

STONE: I was appearing once a day on Infowars, where we're fighting a terrific war against net censorship. But I took the meeting, and Henry Greenberg turns out to be an FBI informant of Russian descent, who has been admitted to the country nine times on informant visas, who is a violent felon who otherwise could not be in the country.


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