Sean Hannity Lashes Out At CNN’s Brian Stelter For Criticizing His Obsession With Clinton Conspiracy Theories

Hannity: Brian Stelter Is A “Little Pipsqueak,” “Lecturing Me Because I Raised A Question About Hillary's Health”

From the August 16 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Well, I think there certainly is a double standard, we see it on display, I mean, you know -- I think probably the worst offender now is CNN. I mean, I literally watched -- you know, there's this little --

DONALD TRUMP JR.: You mean the Clinton news network?

HANNITY: Yeah, the Clinton news -- they have this little pipsqueak, so-called media critic, and his show is “Unreliable Liberal Media Matters Sources,” and it's sort of like the Media Matters show. And you've got Brian the stenographer Stelter, doing the bidding of Jeff Zucker, and so -- they literally have a professor from the Kennedy School of Journalism, who calls your dad a demagogue and says “well, demagogues, if they're elected, that usually leads to dictatorship,” and the guy never questioned him.


HANNITY: The guy lectures me because I raise questions about, you know -- Hillary's falling down, she had health issues that were pretty significant, won't release her health records, won't release her speeches to Wall Street.


HANNITY: It's sort of like this little pipsqueak, Brian the stenographer for Jeff Zucker -- unreliable Media Matters sources, over at CNN -- you know, lecturing me because I raised a question about Hillary's health, how dare I question that? Or how dare I point out that it's a little odd to me that 59 districts in Pennsylvania in 2012, not one vote for Romney. 59 districts, I'm sorry, but that seems odd to me.

TRUMP JR.: Well, it's different. If you're a Democrat, you're allowed to have the dead voting for you. But if you're a Republican, that would never happen.


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