Sean Hannity issues orders to Republican senators on who to question, and what to ask during impeachment hearings 

Hannity: “Senate Republicans need to pay attention”

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Citation From the November 11, 2019, edition of Fox News' Hannity

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): It's right now time for Republicans to get tough. Senate Republicans need to pay attention. We all know [Adam] Schiff is going to veto pretty much any and all witnesses that will hamper his narrative, his hoax, his witch hunt, in the House. So, Republicans have the power in the Senate, that means you have the power to subpoena people. There are witnesses that need to be subpoenaed immediately and I would start with the nonwhistleblower whistleblower whose complaint was based totally on hearsay. We know he was close to Joe Biden. We know he's a Democratic activist. We know he had contact with Schiff's office before he filed a complaint. Now he needs to answer some important questions. Where did you get your information? Did Schiff's office help write the complaint? Did they advise you to get an attorney? Go to the inspector general? What are your ties to John Brennan, your former boss? What was the nature of your relationship with Joe Biden and his campaign? Did you collude with anybody in Schiff's office? 

By the way, we should also bring in Adam Schiff and Schiff's office. He should have to answer questions and by the way, members of his staff, by the way, they don't have privilege, they'd have to show up. They can be subpoenaed and they can all be put under oath in the U.S. Senate. They need to answer for their involvement with the phony whistleblower.

It's also time to put Hunter Biden under oath. Did he speak with his father about his Ukrainian business deals? Their statements we already know and it pointed out are in conflict with each other. We know The New York Times tipped off Joe Biden that his son was being investigated by the prosecutor in Ukraine. So that would mean Joe, well, he too should be subpoenaed, like Adam Schiff and Hunter Biden should be subpoenaed like the whistleblower should be subpoenaed. By the way, what did Hunter say to his father? Did he ask for favors? Did Hunter Biden know that Burisma paying him millions for no experience was in fact using his name to get the Obama State Department to do favors for Burisma Holdings? 

And the next person who would need to go under oath is former Vice President, yup, Joe Biden himself. He should be subpoenaed. What did he really know and when he did he know that his son was being investigated? How many people warned him his son was being investigated? When was he aware that the Ukrainian prosecutor that he got fired was investigating his son and how many times was he told his son was in fact investigated? What role did his son play in U.S. policy in Ukraine, if any?

And next, Hunter's business partner, fellow Burisma board member Devin Archer, what did he say to Vice President Biden about Burisma? They have a picture of them all golfing together. Also Nellie Ohr needs to be forced to testify under oath in the U.S. Senate. She worked for Fusion GPS. Along with Christopher Steele, her husband, the fourth ranking highest member of the DOJ. What was her role in proliferating Russian misinformation throughout the highest levels of government? What did she get from Ukraine?

Also we need to bring in former DNC contractor, operative, Alexandra Chalupa. Remember Politico in January 2017 detailed her efforts to meet with Ukrainians in the Ukrainian embassy. Did she collude on behalf of the DNC and Hillary Clinton? Did they actually get dirt from Ukraine? So, did she enlist the efforts of this foreign government on Hillary Clinton's behalf? Who ordered her to do it? Also, Ambassador Volker must be called to answer questions under oath as well. Did he have any direct evidence of aid to Ukraine being tied to a political campaign? Was the aid actually delivered? Do you think corruption in Ukraine is a legitimate concern for a president of the United States? 

Everything that you witnessed this week is all about the upcoming election. The Senate Republicans have the power to bring in all of these people and they should issue those subpoenas. They've got to reject House Democrats that are corrupt, hypocritical, abusing their power, dividing the country, and really they need to get to the truth in the Senate. The truth about the fake whistleblower who clearly had a political agenda, the truth about the compromised corrupt Adam Schiff, the truth about quid-pro-quo Joe. It's time to expose this witch hunt for what it is.