Sean Hannity issues dire warning: If taxes are raised, “rich people are not going to remodel their homes”

Sean Hannity: “People got mad at me, they said 'Hannity, you're talking about, well, rich people won't buy boats'”

From the January 8 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): They want socialism, well, [Alexandria Ocasio-] Cortez said she wants a 70 percent tax bracket. 70 percent? Alright, well, let me start here. The bottom 50 percent of wage earners pay less than three percent of the income tax bills in this country. The top 20 percent pay almost 90 -- so, 20 percent of Americans pay 90 percent of the bill.

Now, if you take that money from them, and you confiscate it, vis-a-vis high tax rates or the threat of a jail cell, raising it 70 cents -- no, you know, all the -- you have a mass exodus out of New York, New Jersey, California, all these high tax states. They're leaving, all these people are leaving for better weather, lower taxes, affordable living, nicer homes, everything's better.

You know, and people got mad at me, they said, “Hannity, you were talking about, well, rich people won't buy boats” -- no, rich people won't go to restaurants, because they won't have the money. Rich people won't invest in companies, that means they're not going to hire people.

Rich people are not going to remodel their homes, they're not going to build new homes -- who benefits? The contractor, the electrician, the plumber, the -- the carpenters, they're the ones that benefit, when rich people spend money on their homes.


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