Sean Hannity: “I Suspect” Marco Rubio Is Being “Coached” To Attack Trump

Hannity: “I Suspect That This Is A Strategy” Organized By The GOP Establishment Because “They're Really Angry At You” For Voting For Trump

From the March 2 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): So what I suspect is happening -- you hear these groups, Meg Whitman and Christine Todd Whitman and Mitt Romney's going to come out. This is not by accident. I argue this is by design. And the establishment is so freaked out at you -- they're really angry at you. They really are mad they can't control you, the American people. They're mad that you're not voting the way they want you to vote. They're angry that this isn't going their way. They're angry that 14 of the 15 contests have gone towards insurgents. So I suspect this change in Marco Rubio's coming -- and this is my imagine working here. The conspiratorial side of me, if you will. But I beg your indulgence. What I suspect has happened is that Marco Rubio has sat in a room with a lot of establishment types. I guarantee you he has been promised millions and millions and millions of dollars for his campaign, I suspect deeply that this dramatic change -- this is not a subtle change that, you know -- listening to him going on and on about the con artist, the fraud, the scam artist. “He refuses to repudiate the KKK.” “Hire illegal immigrants.” Misspelled words. I suspect that this has all been coached. I suspect that this is a strategy that has been put together by all of these people that are angry really at you because they don't like the way you, the American people, are voting.


And you're saying, “Hannity, you've lost your mind. Hannity you're out of your mind.” I am going to play for you Marco Rubio, and this is only snippets. And this is Marco Rubio uncharacteristically dropping the kitchen sink, going scorched earth, thermonuclear, MMA, bare-knuckles, and I would argue he is being influenced to do it by groups of people because it's so out of character for him. This has almost become a kamikaze mission for him. That not only if I can't have the nomination, well, me and this group of people, we're going to take everybody out with us."


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