Sean Hannity: “I need to hire” attorneys Lin Wood and Charles Harder, to make “test case” of media slander against Fox News

Sean Hannity: “I need to hire Lin Wood and Charles Harder” to make “test case” of media slander

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Citation From the March 18, 2020, edition of iHeartRadio’s The Sean Hannity Show

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Then you've got such madness, you got even analysts over at MSDNC, you know, those people that lied for three years, they missed the biggest corruption, abuse of power scandal. Why would they ever talk about Hillary's top-secret classified information on her secret server, or care about obstruction of justice, or care about quid pro quo Joe, or care about a dirty Russian dossier that Hillary paid for? Or, you know, what do they care about the civil liberties and constitutional rights of Carter Page? Why would they care that that Russian dirty dossier, debunked, unverifiable, was used to lie on FISA applications to backdoor spy on Trump, his campaign transition team and presidency? They're more worried about this.

Then you got Joe Lockhart, “This is all over. We have to have an honest national conversation, the toxic effect of Fox News.” Really? Unbelievable. Joy Reid, on her show, she had a guest on her show, literally — this kind of shocked me a little bit, and it didn't get corrected. “Fox News has been getting people killed for years.” I'm like, huh? Then you got another idiot over there, this is how morally bankrupt these so-called news agencies are. “Trump is guilty of negligent homicide.” And they're saying conservatives mishandled this?

Go to my web site, you lying — I need to hire Lin Wood and Charles Harder, and just make this a test case, of slander, besmirchment, character assassination. They get away with it. That's why — Nicholas Sandmann is not a public figure, he's absolutely going to be a billionaire at the end of this, after what they did to that poor kid.


This is your media mob, in the midst of a crisis. This is who they are. This defines them. And it's what we've gotten out of them for the last three years. So when you hear the word [grunts] "They're trying to turn this into another hoax conspiracy theory" That's what they're doing. That's what they've been doing. And they act like they're the most concerned, they're the most reliable. No, they're not.

And by the way, you know who else isn't response -- isn't -- isn't anybody I trust? Anybody in Washington right now.