Sean Hannity: “I can factually tell you tonight, it will be impossible to ever know the true, fair, accurate election results”

Hannity: “Americans will never be able to believe in the integrity and legitimacy of these results”

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Citation From the November 5, 2020, edition of Fox News' Hannity 

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): So, if these people observing are denied access to observe, how can anybody confirm, have faith, trust, confidence in the legitimacy of any ballot?

And how many people were denied legal access to the opening of ballots? And does this thing call into question the legitimacy of the ballots when the legal right to observe and confirm were denied everywhere it seems?

Doesn't it then take away a huge legal right in the vote tabulation process, because this ought to scare every American? No checks, no balances. No authentic -- authentication. No transparency. Millions of mail-in ballots. Postmark, no postmark. Reports of dead people voting in states. And days and days of vote counting without observers and tens of millions of ballots sent out. It'll be months before we ever sort out the legitimacy of where the ballots were sent, whether or not they're true or not. We weren't there to observe as a matter of law. 

This is the United States of America. And that -- now it is-- I can factually tell you tonight, it will be impossible to ever know the true, fair, accurate election results. That's a fact. 

And now we know why Democrats delayed needed aid dollars for American -- the American people and businesses on the first COVID relief package. This is the chaos they wanted and were fighting for and they got.

Americans have every right to be suspicious. They have every right to distrust the legitimacy of the results. We have the greatest best technical minds in the world and we can't develop a voting system that we can have confidence and trust in -- that -- that is a free and fair and honest election that prevents opportunity for fraud and corruption? 

And meanwhile we can send people to the moon and back and fly things -- you know, rover to Mars? 

Americans will never be able to believe in the integrity and legitimacy of these results. An unmitigated disaster. And frankly, on the world stage, an embarrassment.