Sean Hannity: I am right about Seth Rich because “I was right about Trayvon Martin”

Hannity: “I don't know why” the Rich family has never “reached out to Julian Assange to say, 'can you just tell us if he was involved in this in any way?'”

From the May 22 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Why am I asking these questions? Because the media is trying to destroy a sitting president. Because the media is so, so absolutely freaked out by Donald Trump being president, they're trying to find anything they can to overturn the election results, and the Democrats are saying they want to impeach a president over this issue. So all I'm saying I'm doing here is asking questions that they refuse to ask. And where my greatest interest -- I'll let all of them combined do their job, and if they want to follow that path, fine. So far it's got them nothing. 

But I'm more interested in what Julian Assange said when he talked about courageous whistleblowers and their efforts and the risks they take, and without skipping a beat, started talking about Seth Rich. Now, I want to say for the record, because people have been writing, “you don't care about the family.” Are you kidding? My heart and soul goes out to this Rich family. My heart, my soul, my prayers, everything goes out to these people. And I'm sorry, but I also know I would probably, myself, never recover as a father, and also know that I'd want the truth as a father, and I don't know that they ever reached out to Julian Assange to say, “can you just tell us if he was involved in this in any way?” Is it really unfair or conspiratorial of me, you hypocrites in the media, with your conspiracy theories you have been pushing and pushing and pushing, and now I'm asking questions, and somehow that's a conspiracy theory and that I'm trying to hurt an innocent family? That is a crock. 

You're trying to take down a president, and I'm trying to get to the truth, and I'm asking questions like I did, that you never asked about Obama and his association with Ayers, and Dohrn, and Alinsky, and Reverend Wright you people never went into. Just like you never told the truth after 8 years of his failure.


I have an agenda to get to the truth. I'm not saying I have answers yet, but I'm digging deep, and I have a lot more information than all of you do at this point. 


For all of you in the media, I'm not going to stop doing my job and asking questions, because I know the lies you're telling, and the conspiracies you've spun, with no evidence, to destroy a president in conjunction with the deep state. I was right in so many past things. I was right about Obama, you never vetted. I was right that he failed, you never told people. You colluded with Hillary, I didn't. You didn't think Trump could win, he won. I was right about Trayvon Martin, wait for the facts. I was right about the [inaudible] case in Atlanta, I was right in Ferguson, Missouri because I waited for the facts in the Michael Brown case, I was right in Baltimore, you guys were wrong. I was right in, “the Harvard police acted stupidly.” I've been right, and you have been wrong, more often than any people I know, and if you think you people are going to intimidate me, when you are guilty of what you are now asking me of, you don't know me.


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