Sean Hannity Hypes A WikiLeaks Conspiracy Theory That Hillary Clinton Has Parkinson's Disease

Hannity: “Wikileaks Has Never Been Wrong In 10 Years -- Not One Time”

From the Sepetmber 12 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Let’s go with the stuff that what we do know, alright? Let’s go with the constant cough. Let’s go with what she told the FBI and that she had a concussion and therefore she couldn’t remember security briefings when she became secretary of state. She’s never -- she doesn’t remember ever having them. Then we know that she's had these -- what seem like neurological incidents -- where she’s like uncontrollable twitching, and I’ve shown the video on TV quite a bit and we’ve put it up on my website. And then you have a woman that collapses, but they don’t want to tell us she has pneumonia until hours and hours after because even the mainstream media is concerned that this looked really really bad. 

So based on what we know, isn’t in it the public's right to know -- in the realm of the right to know, Kathleen -- whether or not she’s having neurological issues, whether or not -- as Dr. Ted Noel suggests -- that maybe -- and we have the WikiLeaks, by the way. You know, her staff was looking up drugs that are apparently used for Parkinson's disease.

DR. KATHLEEN LONDON: You really want me to go that WikiLeaks is factual? Really?

HANNITY: Wikileaks has never been wrong in 10 years -- not one time. Not one time. Not one time.


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