Sean Hannity: H.R.1, S.R.1 “would destroy the credibility of all future elections”

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Citation From the May 11, 2021, edition of Fox News' Hannity

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): We also are monitoring another concerning issue. This is a serious one, H.R.1 in the House, S.R.1 in the U.S. Senate, what is a huge, massive attempted power grab by the radical democratic socialist party.

This would destroy the credibility of all future elections. 

Or, as 120 retired generals and admirals wrote -- 120 retired generals and admirals, in case you missed it, in an open letter, quote, “H.R.1, S.R.1, if passed, that would destroy election fairness, allow Democrats to forever remain in power, violating our Constitution, and ending our representative republic."

This bill would give Washington, D.C., and Democrats control over every aspect of our elections, and it removes, you know, important, simple checks and balances like voter ID.