Sean Hannity Hosts Anti-Muslim Extremist To Question Gold Star Father Khizr Khan's Patriotism

Hannity: “Do You Think He Was Purposely Hiding His Real Views Now Because He Was So Advanced In This Political Narrative?”

From the August 8 edition of Fox News' Hannity:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): The media has been very quick to praise Khizr Khan. He's the man who attacked Donald Trump at a speech at the DNC last month, but who exactly is Mr. Khan? Now, Khan is a Pakistani-American lawyer and the father of army Captain Humayun Khan. He was a hero. He was killed in Iraq during operation Iraqi Freedom in 2004. Now all Americans, we all honor his service, his sacrifice, and his courage -- and on that, everybody agrees. But Khizr Khan, since his DNC speech, has made controversial comments. During one recent interview, he said there's no such thing as Sharia law. Really?


ROBERT SPENCER: He is being flagrantly deceptive. Mohammed said war is deceit, and I think Khan was listening. The fact is that Mr. Gorka, Dr. Gorka, is quite right, that there are established schools of Sharia jurisprudence and also there are Sharia states that are avowedly following Islamic law, which they consider to be and loudly proclaim to be the immutable and perfect law of Allah -- Saudi Arabi, Iran, Pakistan for the most part, Sudan, and others. And so for him to say -- and they all, it's worth noting, have remarkably similar character because Sharia has a very particular content, and so they are all repressive regimes that stone adulterers, amputate hands of thieves and so on. 

HANNITY: Do you think he was purposely hiding his real views now because he was so advanced in this political narrative, Dr. Gorka? 

SEBASTIAN GORKA: I can't search his soul, but I do think that it's very, very strange that he makes these kinds of statements that don't comport with what he said earlier


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