Sean Hannity: Hillary Clinton’s “Ineligibility” To Run For President Could Make Her An “Illegitimate President”

Hannity: “If Hillary Clinton Wins This Election ... You Could Make A Case That Because Of Her Ineligibility ... We're Going To Talk About The Legitimacy Of The Presidency”

From the October 20 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Everybody knows she's guilty. Everybody knows she lies. And polls show that even Democrats say she deserves to be prosecuted. But instead of heading off to a trial, and then later the big house, which is where the average Joe would be headed right now, she is now contending to be the next president of the United States.

Now look, that's not merely an injustice. It is a monumental perversion, of not only our legal system, that has destroyed any integrity they may have had, as it relates to this presidential election. If the law has been followed the way it should have been, by law she would have been disqualified from running, another point Trump made last night.

But because the strings were pulled, because access was given, because of the connections that are made, because the Attorney General was pressured, because the FBI took a dive, because the Justice Department, State Department and Obama White House were tipping off the Clinton campaign every step of the way, colluding with them -- it's like a criminal enterprise -- and the president publicly announced that Hillary's innocent in the midst of the investigation, unethical in its own right, justice, along with the integrity of our electoral process now has gone out the window.

And let me say this: If Hillary Clinton wins this election 19 days from now, if she does, you could make a case that because of her ineligibility, because people have been tried, convicted, and denied any opportunity ever to wait -- work for the government again, because that is what the law says, we're going to talk about the legitimacy of the presidency.

A case could strongly be made that she would be an illegitimate president. In other words, she would be treated -- you know -- she could be treated the way she treated George Bush, as selected, not elected.


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