Sean Hannity guest defends white nationalists: They were merely “making a case for white rights”

From the August 16 edition of Premiere Network Radio's The Sean Hannity Show:

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DR. CAROL SWAIN: Well, one of the reasons why they are having so much difficulty communicating to people is that they are blurring distinctions among and between Americans, and they're painting everyone with the same broad brush. 

When I wrote the book The New White Nationalism in America: Its Challenge To Integration, I called it “The New White Nationalism” to distinguish it from old-style white supremacy.

And I would argue that there are four groups of white Americans, the white supremacists, tiny percentage of Americans.

But a much larger group that I would call “new white nationalists” or “alt-right,” who are not necessarily espousing any hatred towards other groups, but they are making a case for white rights, white identity, for white people to organize.

And then you have white people who are just trying to make a living. They may have voted for Donald Trump, but they are concerned about America. 

And then the last group are the leftist whites that are trying to overthrow the country.


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