Sean Hannity: A government shutdown is “a free vacation” for bureaucrats

From the December 11 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Sean Hannity Show:

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SEAN HANNITY (HOST): What the president is saying -- the polls show absolutely dramatically that the American people, you, we, the people want border security. It's really that simple. There's a January 2018 Harvard Harris poll where 81 percent of those surveyed want immigration slashed, 79 percent want secure borders, 79 percent want merit based immigration, 68 percent want an end to the VISA lottery, 65 percent want a DACA deal with no amnesty, 61 percent say the current border is inadequate and say no DACA relatives, and 54 percent want the wall. It's a winning issue. I'll take responsibility, yeah I'm going to shut down the government. This is -- this is what's been missing.


Now these government shutdowns, essential services all continue. Everyone gets their social security check, vets hospitals stay open, our defense department is up and running, and intel services. It's -- you know what happens with government shutdowns, you've got a bunch of bureaucrats that get a free vacation because we always end up giving them backpay for whatever time or days they have off. 


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