Sean Hannity gets Kevin McCarthy to promise “a real January 6 committee” and subpoena Nancy Pelosi if he becomes speaker of the House

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Citation From the January 11, 2022, edition of Fox News' Hannity

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): If you become Speaker of the House next year, this time next year, will you pledge to have a real January 6 committee? We know that Donald Trump, as required by law, authorized the calling up 20,000 guardsmen. He did it in front of the chairman of joint chiefs, the Secretary of Defense, the chief of staff, and the defense department chief of staff.

Will you pledge that, if you become speaker, that you will subpoena Nancy Pelosi, [Mayor of Washington, D.C.] Muriel Bowser — who refused to follow up, it was their chain of command, they had to call them up after the president approved it — the sergeant of arms, and the DC police chief, and will you subpoena their text, phone calls, and e-mails if you become speaker?

REP. KEVIN MCCARTHY (HOUSE MINORITY LEADER): First thing I'm going to do, we've already asked to preserve all those records. The answer could be very clear, why did the Democrats, when they created January 6, pick and choose which Republicans can be on, disallowing never before in history individuals that I selected as minority leader? Why did the chair of this committee say the speaker is off-limits? Why did the speaker not allow the information from the sergeant of arms, that communication with the speaker?

There's two main questions you want on January 6. Why was the Capitol so ill-prepared that day, and how do we make sure it never happens again? You cannot answer any of those questions without getting that communication and we will get it, Sean, so we can get the answers.